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Ryazan Machine Tool Works

Ryazan Machine Tool Works is a world known professional manufacturer of machines and metalworking equipment.

The company is located in the city of Ryazan where it occupies the area of 52 hectare (128,5 acre).

Ryazan factory is renowned for long standing commitment of more than 65 year history to supplying quality equipment with all services support. Up to date the output of industrial equipment has counted around 150 thousand machines, some of them of 130 ton weight, are running in 80 countries all over the world.

High level of production process, usage of domestic and foreign advance technologies as well as scientific researches result in producing machines and equipment to comply with modern requirements.

Ryazan products have found their application in defense and aviation industry, oil and gas exploration, railway, road and pipeline transport, chemical and power machine building, forestry and agriculture.

Our company is capable of making high-precision quality parts and units of general purpose: ball screw assemblies, gears, chucks, master cams and others that require quality and precision.

Ryazan Machine Tool Works provides repairs of machines and equipment produced in early years.


the first lathe model 164
the first lathe model 164
legendary lathe 1M63
legendary lathe 1M63
Order of Lenin
Order of Lenin

1944 Ц the Soviet Government decision on building up a machine tool factory

1945 Ц Hasse & Wrede, the German machine tool factory, evacuation to the Soviet Union.

1949 Ц the first lathe model 164 presentation to the State Commission.

1952 Ц the forging shop inauguration

1955 Ц the foundry launch

1967 Ц legendary lathe 1M63 production start-up

1969 Ц celebration of the FactoryТs 20th anniversary since the first lathe production. During these 20 years:

  • 42.503 lathes had been produced
  • 3.952 lathes had been exported
  • Ryazan lathes had been working in 62 countries

1971 Ц Order of Lenin award

1991 Ц development of a new specific customer sector machines : railway-related machine-tools, oil and gas field machinery.

2009 Ц celebration of the FactoryТs 60th anniversary since the first lathe production. Ryazan lathes are working in more than 80 countries.