Up-to-date CNC heavy duty lathes for the home market




27 April 2018 г.

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In April 2018 Ryazan Machine Tool Factory manufactured up-to-date CNC heavy duty lathes RT817F3, RT755F3 and 16R50F3. The machines have successfully passed factory tests and are being prepared for shipment to the customers.

In the light of the policy of import substitution, the machines are equipped with modern CNC systems and components of Russian make. The tool heads are of Italian make.

In accordance with the requirements of the contracts and the terms of warranty service, the commissioning of the machines will be effected by the specialists of the manufacturer.

The management of the enterprise expresses gratitude to all the employees in charge for the excellent work accomplished in time.

Ryazan Machine Tool Factory is proud to be committed to the stable quality of its products and highly values the trust of its customers in Russia and abroad.