Ryazan Machine Tool Works

Conventional lathes
Horizontal CNC lathes
Heavy-duty horizontal CNC lathes
Gear cutting machines
Rotor repair special lathes
Spinning machines
Thread rolling machines
Slant bed CNC lathes
Hollow spindle lathes
Roll-turning, calibrating and roll-milling machines
Wheel turning machines
Deep-hole drilling and boring machines
Tailor-made special machines




Ryazan Machine Tool Works

Ryazan Machine Tool Works is a world known professional manufacturer of machines and metalworking equipment.

Ryazan Machine Tool Works offers a wide range of metal-cutting machinery to perform turning, milling, drilling and boring operations, as well as gear machining of complicated parts. The application of Ryazan made machines help to reduce production costs and time spent on making work-pieces in both mass and small-scale production.

The machines are designed and built on a modular basis that allows customer to choose the specification of the machine to fit the requirements the most. The machines manufactured by Ryazan Machine Tool Works can be equipped with workpiece measuring devices and tool probing system. All types of machines are available with CNC systems (including Teach-In function) by well known international makers.

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